Welcome to RISE!

Research & Investment in Sustainable Equity (RISE) is a Middlebury College student investment group that seeks to invest in publically traded companies with superior financial and environmental, social, and governance characteristics. 

The primary goal of RISE is to provide an educational environment for Middlebury students to learn about finance and investing from both a traditional viewpoint and a sustainability viewpoint. Further, skills gained as a member of RISE are beneficial to members that hope to pursue a career in finance, sustainable development, or social impact. The investment process of RISE involves buy and sell pitches presented by small groups of club members and a democratic majority rule voting process. With real profits and losses accrued throughout our investment process, the learning experience is monumentally beneficial. RISE is open to all Middlebury students interested in environmental, social, and governance (ESG)/Sustainable/Socially Responsible investing. Whether you're new to investing, have lots of experience, we encourage you to join us!

Where We Meet

Meetings are open to all Middlebury students, faculty, and staff. Join us for meetings every Monday at 8:00 PM in Gifford Classroom.